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Pär Svensson is sustainability coach and project manager for sustainable development  in housebuilding projects and property development. He has a master in civil engineering and have a wide set of skills from different workplaces like entrepreneur in Skanska and Peab, project manager consulting both as employed at Newsec Asset management and Passivhuscentrum and as selfemployed in own company.. He is passivehousedesigner and certification coordinator for Miljöbyggnad, Svanen and Living Building Challenge.


He is co-founder and chairman of the board in Building Future Institute Foundation (BFIF). BFIF is an neutral development arena, cathalyst and coordinator for sustainable societal development. From the definition “health and wellbeing  in a circular economic system within the ecological boundries” BFIF wants to grasp a holistic wholeness and try to optimize valuecreation for a future sustainable living.


+46 700 000 000

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