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Erik Berg is an architect, project manager, author and certified permaculture designer with a focus on resilient and sustainable construction. Erik has worked with the development and design of building-integrated metabolic systems and housing concepts since 2010. He played a leading role in several successful, award-winning and acclaimed innovation and development projects, both as an architect and as a project manager. Erik is working mainly at the intersection of social, ecological and technological fields, with a focus on strengthening local economies and socio-ecological resilience through a sensible and conscious application of “sufficient technology”. According to him, working with the circular aspects of our supply of food and resources, closely integrated with designed living environments, is the main task and challenge for architecture today.


In Liminal, Erik adds design expertise, a strong focus on concepts and specialist knowledge in design for house-integrated sewage and water treatment as well as hydroponic cultivation. Erik has been involved in the development of the Resilience House concept since the start and has been a partner, board member and employee of Liminal Space since 2020.


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